Night Vision Hog Hunting

Anyone who know me knows that I hunt, A LOT.  Pretty much everything.  My greatest enjoyment comes from shooting feral hogs in Texas.  Either on my land, or on one of the many ranches I am invited to on a regular basis for this purpose.

After many years of doing this, it finally occurred to me that I should film it, so that others may see what its like.

On the walk into camp, we stumbled onto a group of 18 hogs 100y to our left. We killed 3. It took a while to get into position and by then they were at 150y. My friend to the left is also shooting, but the camera isnt quite big enough to pick up both of our IR beams.

I am shooting an Atwell Tactical AR-15 in 6.8SPC II running 95g Barnes TTSX and an AAC M4-2000 6.8 silencer. I was wearing PVS7-B goggles and had a PVS-14 mounted to the rifle as well as a Contour ROAM HD camcorder and PEQ-2 aiming laser.
There were 5 shots from my rifle. The first shot was a instant kill at 150y. Shots 2&3 were misses. Shot 4 was a hit with instant drop (he disappears because he plowed into a pile of hay, but we found him the next morning), and shot 5 was a miss. My partner got one, but he was the biggest.


Go full screen and HD for best viewing.



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