Want to test out every silencer under the sun?


On Saturday April 28th, you will have your chance.  Come and join us for the 1st ever “Silencers Are Legal” shoot and expo, held at the Elm Fork shooting center in Irving Texas.  In attendance will be all the major silencer manufactures and retailers, as well as ammo vendors and other industry professionals.  Atwell Tactical will have several of our silencers and suppressed firearms available for you to test fire, free of charge.  Bring your own factory ammo from home, or buy some when you get there!  Among the list are as follows.  Look for the Atwell Tactical near the firing line!

TSE .22LR, thread on, take apart suppressor

TSE-K, .22LR compact, take apart, thread on suppressor

RSE, .22LR integrally suppressed 10/22 rifle.  Fires bulk pack ammo subsonically!

PSE, .22LR integrally suppressed Ruger MkII pistol. Fires bulk pack ammo subsonically!

Valkyrie 5.56mm.  Thread on, extreme duty rated 5.56 suppressor.

Vulcan 7.62mm.  Thread on, compact, .30 caliber suppressor, compatible with all 7.62 caliber firearms .308win or less pressure.



You will have the opportunity to test fire all makes and models from the various vendors, as well as shoot your own personal suppressed firearms!  Full auto is allowed!

This is a big deal folks.  Attendance is expected to top over 2,000 shooters!  Tickets are $12 for all day fun, and every penny goes to the American Silencer Association, who fights to protect our rights to own these useful tools.

Leave the ear plugs at home, because Un-suppressed firearms are not allowed!



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