Atwell Tactical on the set of Sinners & Saints


Last summer I received a phone call from Sonny Puzikas of Progressive Combat Solutions LLC saying that he was a technical advisor on a movie being filmed and the director (William Kaufman) was interested in having some machine guns for use to train one of his actors for the movie.  They wanted to use live fire as upposed to hollywood props using blanks.  I was happy to join them and bring an Atwell Tactical AT-16, a select fire rifle, a modernized and more compact version of the venerable M16.  The sequences we were filming that day were not for the main movie, but for the “Making of Sinners & Saints”, which will be a bonus disc of the DVD set.  Our objective was to duplicate some of the scenes from the film, except use live fire.  That way the actual movie scene would be very realistic.  I joined in for a couple of scenes and helped Johnny and Sonny shoot up one of the cars with full auto gunfire.  (Simulating one of the end scene shootouts in a parking lot)

When I arrived at the set, I was excited to learn that the actor I would be assisting was Johnny Strong.  You may know him as “Leon” from The Fast and The Furious, as well as Medal of Honor Recipient Randal Shughart, one of the two Delta snipers from Blackhawk Down.  I was expecting him to be a typical hollyweird actor, but much to my supprise, Johnny was a super cool guy, very pro-gun (despite being from California), and had several pre-ban AR-15 rifles in his private collection.  He needed very little to zero instruction with the rifle, and I think we both had a great time.  Good Luck with the movie Johnny!



You can see me here at 3:43 and 4:55. I was in the back most of the time (They really just needed my guns 😉 )


Rent it on Netflix here.


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